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Laser etched boxes

Posted: Nov 18 2021

Want to add your logo or some text to your order of flatpacked bird, bat or bug box kits?  We’ve recently expanded our capabilities and are now able to laser etch your logo or design onto the wooden panels and let you personalise your bird and bat box kits. We just provided a customer with 100 bug box kits with their custom text and logo laser etched on the bottom of the kits as shown below. If you are interested in something similar please get in touch and let us know your requirements (mail@nestbox.co.uk). 

Due to the setup time required there is a minimum order size of 10 flatpacked kits. To provide you with an accurate quote we would need a high resolution (.png or .jpeg ideally) file of the design you would like etching onto the box along with where you would like the design placing on the box and how big you would like it to be. Any questions just drop us an email (mail@nestbox.co.uk). 


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