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Advanced Wireless Camera Nest Box

  • High performance wireless bird box camera.
  • Extended battery life
  • Improved colour pictures with sophisticated lighting system
  • Works on batteries (either single use or rechargeable), mains or (optional) solar power.
  • Separate battery box to make changing batteries easy and avoid disturbing nesting birds.
  • Easy to fit and easy to use.

£218.75 excl. VAT £262.50 inc. VAT

  • Advanced Wireless Camera Nest Box on wall
  • Advanced wireless camera nest box solar option
  • inside the advanced wireless camera nest box
  • Advanced wireless camera nest box product contents
  • bird box camera on wall

Gain an insight in to the secrets of nesting birds. Our advanced wireless camera nest box has a sophisticated lighting system ensuring great colour pictures during the day with black and white at night. It features our own patented electronics which have been specially designed to extend the battery life. This bird box with camera includes a mains power supply for the camera, so that you can choose to power the camera from mains if you have a supply near the box.

If you’d like to power your nest box camera by solar power choose the solar option. Your camera will then be supplied with rechargeable batteries and a highly efficient solar panel. This will then charge the batteries in situ.

With a separate battery box, and many thoughtfully designed features, it represents remarkable value for money.

We know there are several things to think about when choosing a camera nest box, so you may find this chart (which compares our 3 main products) useful.

Camera bird box system is already assembled with electronics, lighting, camera, audio and transmitter inside the nest box

Easily fitted in garden (with no special skills or tools) in minutes

Side opening nest box with 32mm diameter entrance hole

Suitable for Blue Tits, Great Tits, House Sparrows and other hole nesting garden birds

Lighting system with white and infra red lights gives pictures 24 hours a day

Wireless transmission - no need for cables across the lawn or floor or through walls

Range of up to 100 metres between camera and receiver

Works on mains power, or single use or rechargeable batteries

Battery life extended by electronics in both nest box and battery box

Equipped to use solar power with built in charger

Our own unique British technology - covered by our Patent number GB 2420242

Easy plug and play receiver connection

View on TV or video-equipped PC or laptop

Environmentally friendly - Nest box made with FSC® certified timber

Batteries in separate box for ease of use and to avoid disturbing nesting birds

Product Advanced Wireless Camera Nest Box
Materials Nest Box: FSC Certified Exterior Grade European Birch Plywood; Battery Box: Polypropylene
Construction Nest Box: Panels stapled together with surface sunk staples
Finish Nest Box: Non-toxic water based stain and preservative; Battery Box: Grey
Dimensions - Nestbox
Overall height: 25cm, Overall width: 15cm, Overall Depth: 16cm
Camera / Electronics 380 line PAL standard video camera with cmos sensor, 3 state lighting system with infra red and white lights, power reduction system, microphone, transmitter (2.4GHz band), 3.0 metre lead to Battery Box with Mode switch, battery holder for 8 x size "D" batteries (uses single-use or rechargeable (NiMH) batteries), switching power reduction system, connectors and charger for solar panels. Multi channel receiver. Optional solar panel.
Fixing Nest Box: Concealed keyhole and further slot in back panel for added stability if needed; Battery Box: Hanging bracket for 1 nail or screw and 4 concealed screw holes.

For further information about the Advanced Wireless Camera Box please download the STANDARD USER GUIDE or the SOLAR OPTION USER GUIDE and the DATA SHEET.

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