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Battery to Camera Extension Cable

  • 10 metre extension between the battery box and camera or camera nest box.
  • Suitable for our 6V products using 3.5mm/1.4mm connectors.
  • Simply plugs into camera connectors at each end.

£15.00 excl. VAT £18.00 inc. VAT

  • Move the camera nest box further away

This extension cable is for you if you want to extend the distance between your nestbox camera and the battery box.  It consists of a 10 metre long low voltage extension cable with 3.5mm (male) plug at one end and 3.5 mm (female) socket at the other. Use it with some of our camera kits and bird box cameras.

Use with our Wireless Camera Nest Box or Wireless Camera Kit

Extends distance between battery or mains supply and camera or camera nest box by 10 metres

Includes weather resistant cover for connector

Product Battery to Camera Extension Cable
Length 10m
Description Low voltage 2 core extension with 3.5/1.4mm connectors either end.

For more information on the Battery to Camera Extension Cable please download the USER GUIDE.

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