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Bee House

  • This insect house is great for encouraging solitary bees and other bugs into your garden.
  • Provide a home for these useful pollinators.
  • Constructed from precision cut FSC certified plywood panels treated with water based environmentally friendly preservative for a long lasting dry box.

£24.00 excl. VAT £28.80 inc. VAT

  • bee home with packed bamboos
  • bee house for solitary bees and other insects
  • bee home for bees and other garden insects

Our Bee House provides a safe haven for solitary bees, encouraging them into your garden. These fascinating insects are great at pollinating your plants and can help to increase the flower, fruit and vegetable production in your garden. The Bee House is packed full of hand cut and finished bamboos, which provide the ideal space for solitary bees to lay their eggs. Solitary bees are quite different from honey bees, they are non-aggressive and don’t swarm or protect the nest so are pet and child-safe to encourage into your garden. Kids (and adults too) will find it fascinating to watch the bees filling the tubes with food for the grubs and plugging it with mud when it’s full.

The Bee House is filled with bamboo canes which provide nesting tubes for the bees and provide a dry environment for the eggs to develop. This bug house can be positioned anywhere in the garden where pollination is to be encouraged, and is supplied ready to attach to your shed, fence or pole, trees etc. Each box is made to provide a long lasting insect home and is constructed from precision cut FSC timber that has been treated with environmentally friendly preservative which is kind to the insects but ensures a long lasting dry space.

Product Bee House
Materials FSC Certified Exterior Grade Plywood with bamboo inserts
Construction Panels stapled together with surface sunk staples.
Finish Non-toxic water based stain and preservative
Dimensions Overall height: 24cm, Overall width: 12cm, Overall Depth: 13cm
Weight 1.4kg
Fixing 2 mounting holes in top of back panel

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