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Network Server

  • Connect up to 4 cameras or bird box cameras directly onto a home/office/school network or broadband hub.
  • All the computers on the network can view and work with all cameras.
  • With appropriate firewall settings, images can be viewed anywhere on Internet.
  • Includes computer software for viewing, saving, motion detect etc.

£126.25 excl. VAT £151.50 inc. VAT

  • Network Server
  • Network Server
  • Network Server

This small but powerful device feeds live pictures from your wildlife camera or nest box camera straight onto a computer network or your broadband wifi.  Once there they can be viewed simultaneously by browsers on different computers, laptops, smartphones or other devices on the network, or if you wish, anywhere on the Internet.  Watch your wildlife from anywhere in the world!  Save videos and pictures and work with them. 

Plugs straight into hub, router or network point

Simultaneous access for networked PCs, MACS, whiteboards, projectors on network

Simply uses a browser to view pictures from bird box cameras or wildlife cameras

Accepts up to 4 camera images at once (with either bnp or phono connectors)

Subject to firewall settings, pictures available throughout Internet

Includes software for viewing, saving and motion detection

Doesn't tie up a PC

Small size (Approx 8cm x 12cm x 3cm)

Product Network Server
Input Up to 4 cameras composite video
Output Connection to network; up to 8 simultaneous viewers
Software Drivers and utilities

For further information on the Network Server please download the USER GUIDE or DATA SHEET.

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