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SCART Adaptor

  • Connects Audio / Video cable into a SCART input socket on a TV
  • Phono (RCA) connectors for video and audio (left and right) take our video/audio cable
  • Plugs into SCART input connector on TV

£3.75 excl. VAT £4.50 inc. VAT

  • SCART adaptor for camera nest box pictures on your TV

This small adaptor will enable you to connect your camera or wireless receiver into a SCART Input on a TV

 1 Phono (RCA) socket for Video

2 Phono (RCA) sockets for Audio (Left and Right)

SCART input plug

Use if separate Video and Audio In sockets are not available on your TV

Simple to use

Takes no power

Product SCART Adaptor
Material Plastic Body
Use Connects 3 x Phono to SCART

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