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Solar Panel

  • Small but powerful solar panel with cable to connect to battery box.
  • Simply plugs into our electronic battery boxes (Advanced Wireless Camera Nest Box, Advanced Wireless Camera Kits and Daylight Sensing Battery Box).
  • Easy to fit and simply plugs into batterybox.
  • Requires rechargeable batteries to be fitted in battery box.

£37.50 excl. VAT £45.00 inc. VAT

  • Solar energy for your nest box camera

Use this solar panel to charge up the batteries in situ in your battery box. Depending on how much energy you can collect from the sun, avoid or reduce the need to take the batteries out for recharging from the mains. It is particularly suitable for those inaccessible locations where you cannot keep changing batteries.

It only works with our Advanced Wireless Camera Nest Box, Daylight Sensing Battery Box, or Advanced Wireless Camera Kit which must be fitted with rechargeable batteries. If you are not sure if it will work with your system please get in touch (mail@nestbox.co.uk) and we will be happy to advise you.

Free energy for your bird box camera or wildlife camera

Simply plugs into the battery box (which can take up to 2 Solar Panels)

High efficiency mono or polycrystalline solar panel

5W nominal output

Achieved output depends on light level, panel mounting position and the state of the batteries

Even charges without direct sunlight

Glazed anodised aluminium frame approx 220 x 270 mm

Fixing holes in frame with re-useable zip ties provided

1.9 metre (approx) cable with connector for connection to Battery Box

Fit 2 Solar Panels to maximise the charging effect and keep your camera going for longer

NB Requires rechargeable batteries fitted into battery box

Product Solar Panel
Materials Mono/Polycrystalline Glass Fronted
Finish Aluminium Frame
Dimensions Overall height: 22cm, Overall width: 27cm, Overall Depth: 2.5cm
Fixing 4 Zip ties provided

For more information on the Solar Panel please download the USER GUIDE.

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