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Wireless Camera Nest Box

  • Wireless colour camera nest box technology with no fuss.
  • No need for wires trailing across the garden or inside.
  • 24 hour viewing.
  • Colour images on TV or on computer equipped for video input.
  • Separate battery box (for base of tree).
  • This bird box camera operates on mains, single-use or rechargeable batteries.
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  • wireless camera nest box on wall
  • bird box camera open

Gain an insight into the secret life of birds with our wireless camera nest box.

The Wireless Camera Nest Box a straightforward wireless nest box camera system. It works on batteries or mains, is easy to install in minutes, and is particularly suitable for gardens, house walls or even (mounted on a balcony, a nearby tree or on the wall) for flats. The bird box camera system is ultra convenient to use.

The wireless transmitter can operate either under battery power or mains power. If you have mains power nearby where you wish to position the camera bird box then you can simply power the wireless camera using the supplied mains power cable which plugs into a socket. If you don’t have a nearby power supply then it can be powered with the supplied battery box. With fresh batteries in the battery box you will be able to power the camera bird box for up to 1 week before you need to change the batteries.

We know there are several things to think about when choosing a camera nest box, so you may find this chart (which compares our 3 main products) useful.


Wireless - no need for cables across the lawn, through walls or over the floor.

Fully assembled bird box with camera already fitted.

Side opening bird box with 32mm diameter entrance hole.

Suitable for Blue Tits, Great Tits, House Sparrows and many other garden birds.

Easily fitted (with no special skills or tools) in minutes.

Colour camera, lighting system, audio and transmitter, all in wooden bird box.

24 hour pictures with infra red at night (avoids disturbing the birds).

Translucent window to allow daylight into the camera bird box for colour picture.

Range of wireless transmission 100 metres (nominal).

Easy receiver connection - simply plug in to TV or video recorder.

These bird box cameras look good in any garden or on any house. 

Separate battery box made in ABS with on/off switch, connected via 2.5 metre (approx) cable to nest box.

Battery box designed to be sited at convenient height to change batteries without disturbing birds in the nest box.

Works on mains power, and single-use or rechargeable batteries.

Battery life: Approx 1 week with good "D" size batteries.

Includes mains power supplies for camera and receiver.

Live images with sound on your TV.

View on a PC or laptop equipped for video input.

Product Wireless Camera Nest Box
Materials Nest Box: FSC Certified Exterior Grade European Birch Plywood; Battery Box: ABS
Construction Nest Box: Panels stapled together with surface sunk staples
Finish Nest Box: Non-toxic water based stain and preservative; Battery Box: Black 
Dimensions - Nestbox
Overall height: 25cm, Overall width: 15cm, Overall Depth: 16cm 
Camera / Electronics 380 line PAL standard video camera with cmos sensor, 6 infra red lights, microphone, transmitter (2.4GHz band), 2.5 metre lead to Battery Box with ON/OFF switch and battery holder for 4 x size "D" batteries (single-use or rechargeable (NiMH)). Multi channel receiver.
Fixing Nest Box: Concealed keyhole and further slot in back panel for added stability if needed; Battery Box: Hanging bracket for 1 nail or screw.

For further information about the Wireless Camera Nestbox please download the USER GUIDE or DATA SHEET.

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