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Yearly Programmer

  • This accessory for the Heated Bat Box switches the heater on and off on the same dates every year.
  • Easy plug and play installation.
  • Switching dates are set by user.
  • Converts the Heated Bat Box into a Programmable Heated Bat Box.
  • No electrician required for installation.

£200.00 excl. VAT £240.00 inc. VAT

  • Yearly Programmer for Heated Bat Boxes
  • Yearly Programmer stacked on Temperature Controller of Heated Bat Box
  • Yearly Programmer from the front
  • Yearly Programmer next to the Temperature Controller from Heated Bat Box
  • Yearly Programmer standing up
  • Yearly Programmer showing connectors and short cable
  • Yearly Programmer connected into cable to Heated Bat Box

This small accessory is designed to convert our Heated Bat Boxes into programmable heated bat boxes.  It is easily installed in a few minutes and then the dates for switching the heater on or off can be set.  Once set, the heater will come on and off on the same set dates every year.

Installation of the plug and play Yearly Programmer is easy, doesn't require any tools or particular expertise, and only takes a few moments. It is first connected to the Heated Bat Box (it goes inside the building next to the temperature controller in the cable going to the bat box, and simply uses the existing connectors).  The current time and date then needs to be set, and the dates set for switching on and off.

The device will then switch the bat box heater on and off on the same dates every year.

The Yearly Programmer draws power for switching from the temperature controller, and it retains the time and date settings using a small internal battery.  This means it does not require a separate power supply and it avoids needing additional cables.  It does not need an electrician to install it.  The bat box's temperature controller continues to regulate the temperature inside the bat box, and the protection against electric shock provided by the RCD plug (which is part of the Heated Bat Box) also covers the Yearly Programmer.

This accessory extends the functions of the Heated Bat Box to become a programmable heated bat box, and can be fitted to new Heated Bat Boxes, or retro-fitted to boxes already installed*.  It is designed to match the simple good looks of the temperature controller and is exactly the same size as the temperature controller.   It can be positioned side by side with the temperature controller, or stacked on top to save space.

The Yearly Programmer has the capability to allow up to 16 separate heating periods per year.  Most applications however will only require the use of one heating period - A typical setting will be for the heater to switch on in Spring (eg 15 April), and off in Autumn (eg 1 November). 

* The standard Yearly Programmer has blue/black connectors which match the connectors on current Heated Bat Boxes and those produced in the last few years.  Some earlier bat box models used different black connectors on the cable to the bat box.  If you wish to connect the Yearly Programmer to one of the older Heated Bat Boxes with the black connectors, please let us know, so that we can fit alternative connectors to your Yearly Controller.  


The key features of this product:

Converts Heated Bat Box to Programmable Heated Bat Box.

Plug and Play.

Easy connection.

No additional power supply required.

Up to 16 heating periods per year.

Matches temperature controller; fits side by side or on top of the Heated Bat Box's temperature controller.

Users protected by the residual current circuit breaker already fitted to the temperature controller.

Electrical installation does not require an electrician.

Product Yearly Programmer
Materials Housing: ABS plastic.
Display Liquid Crystal
Heating Periods Up to 16 per year
Dimensions Housing: Height: 55mm; Width: 95mm; Depth: 156mm; Connectors and cable extra
Weight 350g
Access No access to internals - no user serviceable components
Cable Approx 40cm
Connectors 4 pin shrouded connectors to match Heated Bat Box
Protection Utilises RCD circuit breaker and mains fuse in temperature controller
Power Consumption Less than 2W
Power Supply Draws power for switching from temperature controller
Operating Voltage 220 to 240V AC
Battery Time and settings retained in memory by tabbed and permanently fixed lithium ion battery; Recommend battery replacement by manufacturer every 3 years

For more information on the Yearly Programmer, please download the USER GUIDE or DATA SHEET.


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