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Pine Marten Boxes for Project in Wales

Posted: Oct 12 2015

We've been watching with interest the progress of the Vincent Wildlife Trust's Pine Marten Recovery Project and were delighted a few weeks ago to be asked to supply Pine Marten Den boxes to the project. Whilst this charismatic but elusive mammal is doing well in Scotland, it’s incredibly rare in England and Wales. The project is aiming to reinforce the Welsh population by translocating some individuals from Scotland. The release sites for the translocated animals are not too far from our workshops in mid Wales where we make all our boxes, so with any luck in the future we may have Pine Martens in the forests around here (whether we manage to see them is probably another matter!).

Our Pine Marten Den Boxes are based on a tried and tested design from the Vincent Wildlife Trust and the pine martens that have now arrived from Scotland might soon be occupying some of the boxes we made. Check out the Pine Marten Recovery Project website for more information.

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