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The Nestbox Company and the Environment

As you might expect, the Nestbox Company cares deeply about the environment. As a company dedicated to the well-being of animals, birds and other wildlife, we try to do as much as we can to protect the natural environment.

Our boxes

All our wooden products are Certified FSC® Mix 70% and use wood from responsible sources. We are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified (FSC C007915).  Wood from FSC Certified forests is responsibly harvested to benefit communities, wildlife and the environment. We are FSC Certification is independently verified and authorised by Enviaudits Ltd.

We manufacture the Eco Box series of bird and bat boxes using recycled plastic board.  This is made using 100% plastic waste from agricultural bale wrap, carrier bags, etc. in a process which is itself highly efficient in terms of energy, water and other resources used.  Some of the Eco Boxes have floors or inserts made of wood, and for this we use FSC Certified Oriented Strand Board (OSB).  OSB is made from waste flakes of wood, most of which comes from saplings thinned as part of the ongoing management of forests.  We are especially proud of the "eco-credentials" of our Eco Boxes.  They not only help to preserve important wildlife, but they are economical in the use of natural resources in their manufacture and they use waste and recycled materials, all contributing (albeit in a small way) to saving the planet.   


For some time, we have been working to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging. This has involved sourcing all the packaging materials we buy from sustainable sources, reducing the amount of packaging we use, and increasing the proportion which can be recycled after use. We reuse the majority of the packaging we receive from our suppliers.  Over 99% of the packaging we use can be recycled by composting, so whether you compost it yourself or send it off for composting, you can rest assured that it is environmentally positive.

We have an Environmental Policy which demonstrates our commitment to operating our business in harmony with the environment. Our products are developed to be economical with natural resources, both in manufacture and use.

We hope all our products will last for a long time, but when you have finished using one, please dispose of it responsibly.

All the paper we use for invoices, leaflets etc. and other printed material is recycled.

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