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Owl Nest Boxes

Barn and Tawny owls traditionally nest in cavities in mature trees. In our modern highly modified habitats these are rare, but owls have adapted well, often using buildings such as barns. However, these nest sites too are becoming scarce. Owl nest boxes can help to provide welcome nest sites for owls to nest and roost. Our eco barn owl nest boxes, barn owl nest boxes and tawny owl nest boxes have been designed by experts to provide the best home for owls.

Owl Nest Boxes
Eco Barn Owl Box on tree

Eco Barn Owl Nest Box

£107.50 excl. VAT £129.00 inc. VAT
Barn Owl Nest Box on gable end of barn

Barn Owl Nest Box

£82.50 excl. VAT £99.00 inc. VAT
Tawny Owl Box on tree

Tawny Owl Nest Box

£32.50 excl. VAT £39.00 inc. VAT
replacement sacrificial floor for eco barn owl nest box

Replacement Floor

£5.00 excl. VAT £6.00 inc. VAT

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