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Bespoke Products & Nestboxes

The products listed on our website detail our standard range of products. If you have a specific requirement which is not met or want something a little bit different please get in touch. We are always happy to discuss your requirements and frequently collaborate to design and produce new products for our customers. We manufacture all our products in our own workshops and can easily modify an existing box for you, or, using our design and manufacturing experience, produce a completely new design for your project. This can be anything as small as changing the width of the entrance hole on a bat box to a completely new design. Our manufacturing processes are all based on small batches, so making a small number, or even just one, adjustment or special product, need not be prohibitively expensive.

To get in touch to discuss you requirements or ideas please email us at mail@nestbox.co.uk or telephone us on +44 (0) 1675 442299

To give an idea of the range of products and modifications we’ve undertaken in the past here are a couple of examples:

Example 1. Peregrine nest platform

The developer refurbishing one of Birmingham's iconic buildings approached us as they wanted to include in the design nesting opportunities on the roof for the expanding population of urban peregrine falcons. We came up with a design (the photo shows the box outside our workshops prior to installation) which applied our modern production technology to improve hand crafted designs which had been effective in North America.

Example 2. Custom sized nestboxes

As part of the London 2012 Olympics building project, we were selected to provide the bird and bat boxes for the Media Hub. We provided boxes for house sparrows, starlings, swifts and black redstarts, as well as Bat Roost and Bat Tube boxes. All the designs had to be bespoke, with, in most cases, the capability of being unobtrusively fitted behind the building fascia. Some boxes were designed from scratch, whilst others were modified from our standard designs.

Example 3. Modified heated bat box.

A customer approached us as they needed to provide a heated bat box as part of a mitigation package due to the loss of a roost site used by a maternity colony of soprano pipistrelle bats. They had identified our heated bat box as being appropriate for providing an alternative roost site for the maternity colony. However, due to the size of the colony, they were concerned that the standard heated bat box was not going to be big enough. After discussions with the customer and estimating the size of the box required for the several hundred bats which formed the maternity colony, we produced a heated bat box with twice the internal volume of our standard box.

In the light of this experience, we developed the idea a little further for regular production, and added a heated bat box with a larger internal volume (specifically for large soprano pipistrelle colonies) to our standard range.



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