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New wall mounted Eco Bat Shelter now available

Posted: Feb 16 2019

Bat Hibernation TunnelWe recently had a request from a customer for some bat boxes to be used in a tunnel that was undergoing structural repair work to the brickwork. There was some evidence of bats using the structure and roosting in cracks in the brickwork. The tunnel provided a frost-free environment with stable temperatures and high humidity so its use by hibernating bats was a possibility. Working with the client we designed and made some suitable bat shelters which would mimic the cracks in the brickwork and provide an alternative location for bats to roost in. The tunnel was quite a damp location so the bat shelter was designed from recycled plastic with a ceramic insert all held together with stainless steel fixings to ensure it would not be impacted by the damp.

Bat Shelter in tunnelFollowing their installation, we decided to make the bat shelters available more widely and we’ve now added the product to our range and it is available on our website. The Eco Bat Shelter is wall mounted and ideal for use in tunnels, culverts, bridges, cellars etc. to provide a winter hibernation roost space or day roost for a range of bat species. It provides a wedge-shaped roost space, with a ceramic insert for the bats to grip on.  The design aims to help stabilise the humidity and temperature in the roost space. The selection of materials which are unaffected by damp and the design which ensures droppings drop out of the shelter mean that once fitted it requires no maintenance and will provide a long-term roost space for bats.

For further information on the Eco Bat Shelter please see the PRODUCT PAGE.

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