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Eco Swallow Nest

  • Artificial nest cup designed to attract swallows.
  • Nest cup based on the size and shape of natural swallow nests.
  • Moulded resin/concrete/terracotta bowl¬†fitted onto attractive¬†backing plate made from 100% recycled plastic.
  • If fitted in a suitable location, will last for many years without any maintenance.

    £17.50 excl. VAT £21.00 inc. VAT

    • Eco Swallow Nest
    • Eco Swallow Nest
    • Eco Swallow Nest
    • Eco Swallow Nest
    • Eco Swallow Nest

    Swallows will readily adopt these nest cups which are based on the size and shape of natural swallow nests. The nest cup is ideal for placing in garages, sheds, stables, barns or even beneath archways. It provides somewhere secure for swallows to nest and means that swallows use less energy to produce their nest and do not need to find suitable nest building mud (can be in short supply in dry Springs). The nest cup consists of a moulded resin/concrete/terracotta bowl with drainage hole, fixed to a 100% recycled plastic backing plate.

    The nest cup is easy to fix to your wall, it slots over two screws with a third hole at the base for securing it in place. Supplied ready to fit, it does not require painting and is designed to look attractive when fitted. Removal for cleaning after the breeding season is also easy, simply undo the screw at the base and lift off.

    Swallows are sociable birds but the nest cups should not be placed too close together. A minimum distance of 1m between nest cups is suggested. To ensure the swallows have sufficient room in the nest cup and when arriving and leaving there should be at least 6cm free space above the nest cup. When choosing a suitable spot for the nest it is essential that birds have constant access throughout the breeding season.

    Product Eco Swallow Nest
    Material Recycled LDPE plastic back board with resin/concrete/terracotta nest cup
    Construction Nest cup fixed to back board with stainless steel screws
    Dimensions Height 15cm, Width 27cm, Depth 9cm
    Weight 0.9kg
    Fixing 2 keyholes and further fixing hole at base for added stability.

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