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Red Squirrel Nest Box

  • Provides the endangered red squirrels with a warm, dry nest box to raise their young.
  • Squirrel nest box designed with multiple entrances to make it easy for the squirrels and young to access the box.
  • Fully constructed from FSC certified wood.
  • Multiple fixing holes for easy positioning on a tree.
  • Please note - extended lead times on this product of 3-4 weeks

£68.25 excl. VAT £81.90 inc. VAT

  • Red Squirrel Nest Box mounted on tree
  • Red Squirrel box with 2 entrances

Red squirrels have declined markedly in the UK over the last 50 years, with the introduced North American grey squirrel replacing it in many areas. If red squirrels are still present in the area you can help them out by providing a nest box which will provide a warm, dry space in which to raise their young. Boxes can offer a safer squirrel nest than natural dreys which can be susceptible to soaking in heavy rain, collapse in high winds and under the weight of adults and young. They may also be used as a dry refuge in winter.

Our red squirrel nest box has been designed after consultation with experts to provide a safe environment for red squirrels. Each box has multiple entrances to make it easy for the squirrels to access the box. The boxes should be sited on a tree in a woodland area as high as possible (at least 3m).

Most of the panels for this box are precision cut from FSC Certified exterior grade plywood, whilst the front is precision machined from softwood with its bark still on.

Product Red Squirrel Nest Box
Materials FSC Certified Exterior Grade Plywood with Natural Softwood front.
Construction Panels stapled together with surface sunk staples.
Finish Non-toxic water based stain and preservative
Dimensions Overall height: 50cm, Overall width: 15cm, Overall Depth: 20cm, 
Weight 4.5kg
Fixing Mounting holes at top and bottom of back panel.

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