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Roost Maternity Bat Box

  • Designed for larger roosts or maternity colonies of crevice dwelling bats especially pipistrelles.
  • External surfaces black to increase heat absorption.
  • Internal ceramic heat sinks to retain and stabilise box temperature.
  • Grooved landing ladder continues internally.
  • Precision cut FSC certified panels for dry, draught free, long-lasting box.

£79.15 excl. VAT £94.98 inc. VAT

  • Roost Maternity Bat Box for mitigation
  • Maternity Bat Box for larger colonies
  • Large bat roost box
  • Roost Maternity Bat Box mounted near apex of roof
  • Black bat box

Our Roost Maternity Bat Box is designed for those bat species which would naturally roost in crevices and internally has three crevices for the bats to roost within. This crevice batbox is especially suitable for both Common Pipistrelles and Soprano Pipistrelles. These two species are the most abundant bats in the UK and most frequently use bat boxes.

The inside temperature of the bat box makes a big difference to the bats, so the crevice bat box has been designed, with ceramic heat sinks and black external colouration, to warm up faster and maintain a more stable internal temperature than other boxes. Each crevice is designed to "run" at a slightly different temperature, so that the bats can choose the exact temperature they prefer.

Designed taking into account our 12 years’ experience of making bat boxes, with the benefit of customer feedback, the latest scientific thinking and advice from experts on British bats. The key features include:

17mm entrance slot is ideal for bats but deters birds.

Close fitting panels and roof (precision cut by computer controlled equipment) with insulation above crevices to reduce draughts, improve heat retention and keep each crevice at a different temperature.

Internal ceramic heat sinks for improved temperature stability.

Bat ladder at base of box continues inside box to ensure bats find it easy to access and move around within the box.

Easy and safe to erect box on walls or trees - relatively light weight for its size with 2 screw holes for mounting.

Easy (1 screw) to remove roof for cleaning or inspection where permitted

External surfaces treated with water based non-toxic non-volatile wood treatment.

Manufactured in exterior grade FSC Certified Exterior Grade plywood

Bat boxes can be mounted on both buildings and trees. Try to position your box as high as possible in a sheltered sunny place. Ideally, several boxes should be put up facing in different directions to provide a range of conditions. Bats need time to find and explore new homes, and it may be several years before boxes have residents – be patient! Droppings on the landing area, stains around the lower parts of the box and chittering noises from inside on warm afternoons and evenings are signs of occupation.

Please note: All bats and roosts are protected by law and you should only open a bat box to check it if you hold an appropriate licence.

Product Roost Maternity Bat Box
Materials FSC Certified Exterior Grade Plywood with ceramic inserts
Construction Panels stapled together with surface sunk staples.
Finish External surfaces treated with water-based non-toxic non-volatile wood treatment, with active constituent natural borate mineral salt.
Dimensions Overall height: 52cm, Overall width: 27cm, Overall Depth: 13cm.
Entrance 17mm wide slot.
Internal 3 internal crevices approximately 20mm wide with 3 ceramic inserts.
Weight 6.6kg
Access Removable roof, secured with 1 screw.
Fixing 4 fixing holes in back panel for fixing to wall, tree etc.

For further information about the Roost Maternity Bat Box please download the DATA SHEET.

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