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A Moth Trap for Christmas!

Posted: Nov 28 2017

Looking for a gift that is just a little bit unusual? Or something for the person who has everything?  This Christmas, why not give one of our innovative moth traps?  They are ideal for someone who has an interest in wildlife, whether they are a novice who just wants to see what is in the garden at night, or an expert who spends time observing nature.  Moth Traps are educational, and provide interest, amusement and fun.  No wonder moth trapping and identifying moths is a growing pastime.

The variety of British moths is simply staggering, with some 2500 different species recorded, of many different shapes, sizes and colours.  A moth trap can open your eyes to the secret world in your garden that comes out while you sleep.  Just leave the moth trap out for the night and in the morning see what you have caught before releasing your catch.  These moth traps are great for children or adults, wildlife enthusiasts or beginners.  Learn to identify the different species, be amazed by the different patterns and sizes, and maybe take up a new pastime or even become a life-long moth trapper! 

Our cleverly designed slot-together Moth Traps cost between £57 and £180.  Choose a fully equipped Actinic Moth Trap including fitted specialist light and safety features, or the flat-pack version and fit the light of your choice.  Either way, the owner of the moth trap will be able to attract a wide range of moths.  A wonderful gift which keeps on giving!

Have a look at our Moth Trap range here

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