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Delays due to snow and storms.

Posted: Mar 01 2018

Nestbox in snow

We are currently suffering the impact of the current storms and snowy weather.  Whilst we have a full team at work in our office and workshops, we are experiencing delivery delays due to current weather conditions. These are primarily due to our couriers struggling to collect and deliver to some addresses.  This in turn has caused a backlog of deliveries which delays things further in their depots.

We are hoping that deliveries should be back on track by early next week and apologise for any delay in getting orders to you.

It's easy to forget that spring is just round the corner with the current weather. As well as dealing with the cold and snow, most birds are also getting ready to breed and trying to get into good condition.  We have noticed plenty of birds on our feeders  out despite the weather, so have been trying to keep our feeders stocked up.  Please don't forget to put some food out if you can.

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