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House sparrows moving in to their new Eco Sparrow Tower

Posted: Mar 16 2018

We are lucky enough to still have a good population of house sparrows around our northern office in the Durham Dales. In the last few years they’ve been nesting in surrounding buildings and seem to be doing quite well. We’ve just provided them with one of our new Eco Sparrow Towers and within a week the house sparrows have being going in and out of the box prospecting it with a male repeatedly sitting on top calling.  We are hopeful for the house sparrows breeding in it this year.

House sparrows are colonial nesting so much prefer to nest together; the new sparrow tower provides space for three pairs to nest. This is one of a number of new boxes which will be available in the next few weeks. Our new Eco Small Bird, Eco Starling, Eco Robin and Eco Sparrow Tower nest boxes share a similar format but have been designed to suit the different species. The new eco boxes all have an outer shell of recycled plastic (ideal for keeping out the blizzards we’ve been having recently) with a removable wooden inner nesting chamber. The plastic for the outer shell comes from recycled farm waste (plastic bags, bale wrap, fertilizer sacks etc) which is collected from around the UK and then processed to create the sheets of material from which we manufacture the boxes. 

We are very excited by the forthcoming launch of these new boxes. They will provide homes for many generations of birds, and use up a little of the worldwide surplus of plastic waste at the same time.

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