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New Eco Bird Boxes now available

Posted: Apr 06 2018

We are really pleased to launch five new eco bird boxes just in time for the 2018 breeding season. We’ve been developing and testing them over the last few months and are now pleased to make them available. The five new products are the Eco Small Bird Box, Eco Robin Nest Box, Eco Sparrow Tower, Eco Starling Nest Box and the Eco Swallow Nest.

These boxes expand our existing Eco Range which already includes the popular Eco Barn Owl Nest Box, Eco Bat Box and Eco Hedgehog Nest Box.

All our eco boxes have a distinctive and attractive appearance and use up some of the worldwide surplus of plastic waste by using recycled agricultural plastics. We use the 100% recycled plastic to create a protective outer shell that shields an inner wooden nesting chamber. By combining these two materials we’ve made a long lasting box (the design life is in excess of 20 years) which encloses a wooden nesting chamber providing a comfortable and more natural nest site for the birds. Even the wooden interiors are good for the environment: The wood we use is oriented strand board, which is FSC Certified and made from waste flakes of wood, much of which comes from small trees thinned as part of forestry management operations.


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