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Eco Hedgehog Nest Box

  • An exceptionally long lasting hedgehog house constructed from recycled plastic.
  • Generous nesting chamber with integrated tunnel to stop predators or cats entering the box.
  • Featuring a removable/replaceable wooden floor for hedgehogs to build their nest on.
  • Our Eco Hedgehog Nest Box provides an ideal home for hedgehog hibernation and breeding.
  • Designed by experts to provide a long lasting, safe, dry and warm shelter.
  • Help these enchanting creatures by providing a good home.

£65.00 excl. VAT £78.00 inc. VAT

  • Eco Hedgehog Nest Box
  • Eco Hedgehog Nest Box
  • Eco Hedgehog Nest Box
  • Eco Hedgehog Nest Box
  • Eco Hedgehog Nest Box

A completely new product for 2016, our Eco Hedgehog Nest Box provides an exceptionally long lasting hibernation home for hedgehogs.

The hedgehog box is manufactured in UV stable 100% recycled plastic, which requires no maintenance and has an extremely long life expectancy. The plastic sheet is produced in Britain from 100% waste plastic, much of it discarded bale wrap and other similar plastics collected from farms around the UK, then processed into the green and black sheets from which this hedgehog home is made.

The box is constructed from the recycled plastic with the exception of the wooden removable/replaceable floor.  It’s joined together using our ingenious tabs meaning there are no screws or nails to rust or corrode. These features combine to create a box which can be confidently tucked away or half buried in a secluded corner of your garden and will provide years of comfortable accommodation for any hedgehogs with no worry of the box rotting or degrading. All you need to do is make sure the entrance doesn’t become too overgrown! 

We’ve designed the box focusing on providing hedgehogs with a comfortable, dry space in which they can hibernate and breed. The box has a generous inner chamber for hedgehogs to make their nest and hibernate, which is accessed by the integrated tunnel. This creates a snug nesting area with protection from wind and driven rain. In addition, the tunnel has been designed to minimise the chance of cats and other unwanted animals accessing the box and to stop foxes and badgers from getting to hedgehogs with their paws.

The nesting chamber has a wooden floor which provides a comfortable, natural-feeling surface for the hedgehogs to hibernate. When siting the box in a dry spot the wooden floor can be removed allowing the hedgehogs to nest on the ground as they would naturally. The nesting chamber has a one-piece roof, ensuring it remains dry, and ventilation holes front and rear to prevent the build-up of condensation.

When siting the box choose a quiet, shaded corner of your garden. Hedgehogs use deciduous leaves to construct their nests. They will use material from the area surrounding the box so it’s best to ensure that there are plenty of leaves around the box. If you want to give them a bit of a head start then you can put a bit of bedding such as leaves, hay or straw in the box when first putting the box out.

Product Eco Hedgehog Nest Box
Materials Low Density Polyethylene board manufactured using 100% recycled waste plastic; Wooden Floor: FSC Certified Oriented Strand Board.
Construction Panels fitted together using integral tabbing system.
Dimensions Overall height: 33cm, Overall width: 46cm, Overall length: 51cm
Nesting Chamber Width: 43cm,Depth: 28cm 
Weight 5.2kg
Entrance Hole 14.5cm x 13.5cm

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