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Hedgehog Nest Box

  • Our hedgehog house provides an ideal home for hedgehog hibernation and breeding.
  • Fully constructed from FSC certified plywood panels.
  • Designed by experts to provide a safe, dry, warm, long lasting box.
  • Help these special creatures with a good home.

£55.00 excl. VAT £66.00 inc. VAT

  • hedgehog home from above
  • hedgehog house looking inside
  • hedgehog nest box in long grass
  • hedgehog house ready for occupation

Once a common site in gardens, hedgehogs have declined dramatically by as much as a third in the last ten years. You can give hedgehogs a helping hand by providing a hedgehog nest in a quiet corner of your garden to provide a space for them to hibernate and possibly breed.

Our hedgehog nest box has been completely redesigned but still keeps all the best features of our previous nesting boxes. It is far safer for the hedgehog, and eliminates loose entrance tunnels and plastic pipes by building all these features into one robust design.

Our designs for this nest box have been tested extensively with many hedgehog nests by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and their hedgehog "carers", whose help is much appreciated. We would also like to thank Dr. Pat Morris of London University who has contributed to the development

The box features:-

Fully built-in tunnel with large square access for even the largest hedgehog to avoid unwanted visitors.

Raised 'step' at entrance to enable the nesting box to be partly buried.

Totally safe nesting area well away from the tunnel entrance.

Lower roof to enable the hedgehog to build a snug nest.

Inbuilt ventilation (protected against blocking) designed to provide just the right temperature and humidity without draughts.

Removable roof for easy inspection and cleaning.

Underfloor runners letting air to the underside of the nesting box but allowing the nest box to be pushed easily into place in undergrowth, etc.

The panels for this box are precision cut from FSC Certified exterior grade plywood.

Product Hedgehog Nest Box
Materials FSC Certified Exterior Grade Plywood
Construction Panels stapled together with surface sunk staples.
Finish Non-toxic water based stain and preservative
Dimensions Overall height: 22cm, Overall width: 38cm, Overall length: 47cm 
Weight 4kg
Fixing Rests on ground

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