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Get ready for returning swallows

Posted: Apr 18 2018

Swallows have started to arrive back in the UK after their winter in warmer climes.  Our new Eco Swallow Nest provides somewhere safe and secure for them to nest. It also helps them out if we are lucky enough to have a dry spring when the soft mud which they need to build their nests can be in short supply. The nest cup is made of concrete/resin and has been modelled on the shape and size of natural swallow nests. The nest cup is securely mounted on a backing board made from recycled plastic, which is long lasting and weatherproof and uses up some waste plastic at the same time.

Swallows will readily nest in outbuildings, garages, stables, barns or even beneath archways. The nest cup provides a ready made spot for swallows to use and reduces the risk of the nest cracking or falling off the wall as occasionally happens with natural nests. When fixing the nest cup it is best placed high up out of the reach of cats in a location where swallows will have constant access through the breeding season. Swallows only need a small hole (minimum 5cm high and 20cm wide) to enter buildings but the access must maintained throughout the summer.

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