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Yearly Programmer for the Heated Bat Box

Posted: Jun 29 2018

Since their launch 3 years ago, our heated bat boxes have established themselves and become firm favourites with ecologists.  They are often installed as part of mitigation when a maternity roost is being lost. The easy temperature control and plug and play features have been particularly popular.   

One thing that some customers have asked for is annual programming.  The ability for the heating to automatically switch on in Spring and off in Autumn would avoid the need for anyone to remember to go and switch on or off.

yearly programmer for heated bat boxesWe now have a new "add on" for the Heated Bat Boxes which adds that ability.  It is a separate small box to connect between the temperature controller and the bat box.  It is "plug and play" and does not require any tools or electrician to install.  Once installed, switching dates can be set up by the user, and the heater will automatically switch on and off on the same dates every year.  They fit the Heated Bat Boxes already supplied, or new ones being ordered, and convert them into Programmable Heated Bat Boxes.



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