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New House Martin Nest Now Available

Posted: Oct 17 2018

We’ve recently expanded our eco range of nestboxes with the addition of a house martin nest. Similar in design to our popular Eco Swallow Nest we’ve been refining and testing the new design over the last few months. The new Eco House Martin Nests provide somewhere secure for house martins to nest and is based on the size and shape of natural house martin nests. The House Martin Nest has a moulded resin/concrete nest cup fixed to a backing plate and roof made of recycled waste plastic.

House martins are a summer visitor to the UK and in common with much of Europe, UK numbers have suffered a significant decline since the 1970s and are now Amber listed. The recent declines appear to have been caused by a combination of factors, but putting up artificial nests can help out with providing somewhere for pairs to nest and also reducing their reliance on the availability of wet mud which can be in short supply in dry springs. House martins are social birds nesting in colonies so the Eco House Martin Nests can be installed in groups to encourage colonies to form on the chosen building. Even if house martins don’t use the artificial nest, its presence may encourage other pairs to nest alongside.

For more information please see the product page for the Eco House Martin Nest

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