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Focus on the new Eco Bat Box

Posted: Sep 23 2016


We’ve recently added the brand new Eco Bat Box to our range of bat boxes. After spending the last few months developing and testing this box we are now pleased to offer it for sale. In contrast to our existing range of bat boxes this uses recycled plastic to create a weatherproof, long lasting shell whilst internally there is a wooden roost chamber to provide space for bats to inhabit. We think the two materials combine really well and make use of their best features. The outer shell is made of engineered plastic panels which are welded together to create a weatherproof, dry, draught free box. The recycled plastic is made in the UK from a mix of sources including bale wrap collected from UK farms and other plastic waste.

Within the outer weatherproof shell is a wooden chamber which provides a roosting space for bats. The roost chamber is available in two different configurations; either crevice or cavity. This is to accommodate different species of bats which prefer differing roosting spaces. The crevice roost chamber features two 22mm wide crevices which is ideal for crevice roosting bats such as common pipistrelles and soprano pipistrelles. The cavity roost chamber has a single open space (60mm x 180mm x 180mm) which is likely to be preferred by some of the larger bat species such as brown long eared bats and noctule bats. Both roost chambers are made from FSC Certified Oriented Strand Board (OSB). OSB is made from compressed waste wood chips and flakes and as a result has a roughened surface which provides plenty of grip for bats to move around, hang and roost from.

The Eco Bat Box is easy to fit, with three holes on the back and an additional securing hole at the base. Its suitable for hanging on buildings, trees etc. The box has been designed to require no maintenance.  Through the positioning of internal baffles any bat droppings will simply fall out through the entrance slot.

The box is currently in stock and available.  Both versions (crevice or cavity) of the Eco Bat Box cost £34.80 (inc. VAT)

Please see the product listing for more information.

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