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New Innovative Barn Owl Box Launched

Posted: Nov 14 2016

Barn Owl Box Back PanelWe’ve been working on designing a new barn owl box for the last few months.  After numerous prototypes and testing we’re now pleased to be able to offer the box for sale. The new box is an interior barn owl box specially designed for mounting indoors in barns and out buildings. If you have an appropriate building, an Interior Barn Owl Nest Box may well be the right choice.  Barn owls will tend to nest in buildings if they can (hence their name!) and if a suitably sited box is available then the barn owls will be interested.  The box will be protected from the weather leading to more successful nests and the box will last longer.  

After struggling up ladders carrying heavy barn owl boxes, then holding the box in the right position, fixing it to the wall and at the same time holding onto the ladder, we understand how difficult (and potentially dangerous!) fixing it can be.  Because of this, we have taken a completely different approach to the design of this new box. The new owl box has a unique and innovative modular construction which means that each individual panel can be carried up the ladder separately then slotted into position in situ. The box is made from precision cut panels which all slide into one another requiring no tools to create a robust and secure box. The box comes with clear instructions and only takes a few minutes to slot it together once the back panel is secured to your wall, joist or beam.

The modular design has a secondary benefit: it also means we didn’t need to be so mindful of the size and weight of the box and what is practical to carry and mount from a ladder. This has allowed us to make the box a little larger with a more generous landing and exercising platform. The key dimensions of the floor area and the distance between the base and the entrance hole exceed those suggested by The Barn Owl Trust, and the landing platform also features a generous raised edge making it safer and easy for the owlets to grip on.

For more information on our Interior Barn Owl Nest Box please see the PRODUCT PAGE .

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