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Glossary of Nestbox, Bat Box and Nest Box Camera terms

 We are sorry, but a number of acronyms and specialist terms have crept into use on this site.  If you need to check what we mean by any of them, we have listed them here.

Term or Acronym
2.4GHz Band of radio frequencies used by our nest box cameras


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene - type of plastic used in the battery boxes for our Wireless Camera Nest Box

Back Panel,  Backplane or Backplate

Rear panel (attaching to tree or wall etc) on a fabricated nest box such as our Small Bird Nest Box, Cavity Bat Box, Eco Barn Owl Nest Box, Barn Owl Nest Box, etc


Small black clip on square used to reduce strength of infra red lighting inside some camera nest boxes

Breeam Assessment

 Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method - an assessment scheme for sustainable building design, construction and operation


Open area inside nest or roost box, such as our Cavity Bat Box or Eco Barn Owl Nest Box


Charge Coupled Device - the technology used by most of our nest box cameras due to its low power requirement


Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor - Alternative technology used by some of our camera nest boxes


Narrow section inside a bat box such as our Crevice Bat Box, Roost Maternity Bat Box or Heated Bat Box

CSH Assessment

The Code for Sustainable Homes - a national assessment scheme for sustainable building design, largely withdrawn in 2015


Small white clip on square used to diffuse infra red lighting inside some camera nest boxes


The Forest Stewardship Council - Worldwide organisation who certify responsibly produced wooden products


 An ingress protection rating - "dust tight" and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water


Refers to the shape of the fixing hole in the backplate of many nest boxes, such as the Cavity Bat Box

Landing Ladder

The grooved downward projection of the backplane of bat boxes such as our Crevice Bat Box to facilitate bats landing from flight prior to crawling up into the bat box


A unit of measurement indicating resistance to ultra violet, the main cause of ageing in many plastics. Our Eco Barn Owl Nest Box is protected to 70 Langleys


Low Density Polyethylene - such as the material used for our Eco Barn Owl Nest Box


Nickel Metal Hydride - the rechargeable battery technology used in our Rechargeable High Capacity Battery Set


 Negative Temperature Coefficient - the technology used in the temperature sensors in our Heated Bat Box


Oriented Strand Board - A board formed by bonding flakes of wood together - as used for the floor of our Eco Barn Owl Nest Box


Phase Alternating Line - a TV encoding system commonly used in Europe and many other parts of the world. Our nest box cameras are normally PAL standard


A type of plastic used for the battery boxes of our Advanced Wireless Camera Nest Box and Advanced Wireless Camera Kit


Certified by the Rainforest Alliance


 Residual Current Device - a safety device designed to cut off the electricity supply on leakage caused by something such as touching a live wire

Surface Mount

A manufacturing technique for electronics, where components are soldered onto the surface of a circuit board - as used in our Advanced Wireless Camera Nest Box


Torpid bats have temporarily reduced metabolic rate and temperature, and cannot fly until they have come out of torpor


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment consists of "end of life" electrical items and is subject to regulations on its disposal. The Nestbox Company is a registered producer, number WEE/HB0002ZR


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