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Eco Moth Trap - Actinic

  • Easy to assemble moth trap based on the 'skinner design'.
  • Precision cut panels from recycled plastic board.
  • Innovative slot together design which is easy to assemble/disassemble for transporting and stores flat.
  • Designed with safety in mind - fully enclosed mains operated light fitting with RCD plug to protect against electric shock.
  • Supplied with a 25W Blue Black Actinic Light Bulb.

£185.45 excl. VAT £222.54 inc. VAT

  • Eco Moth Trap - Actinic
  • Eco Moth Trap - Actinic
  • Eco Moth Trap - Actinic
  • Eco Moth Trap - Actinic

Our newly redesigned moth trap provides you with everything you need to start trapping in your garden. We’ve taken an innovative approach to the tried and tested skinner trap design. The panels which make up the box simply slot together without tools, utilising our unique tab and slot design. The panels are precision cut from 6mm recycled plastic board. The flat-pack box can be quickly assembled and disassembled, making it easy to transport and store. The two clear plastic panels slide into slots in the side panels to form a moth "funnel" once the box is assembled, and can be removed while the trap is operating if you want to check your catch.

The trap has a mains operated light fitting with a 10m cable and an RCD plug for safety. The aluminium and glass light fitting is fully enclosed with rubber seals to stop water getting into the electrics and is supplied with a 25W Black Light Blue Actinic Bulb. The Actinic bulb and light fitting make this safe in use, even with people around the trap. The light fitting is attached to the light board with two bolts and wing nuts so can easily be removed for transporting separately.

Product Eco Moth Trap - Actinic
Panels Black 6mm LDPE 100% Recycled Post Consumer Waste Board & 3mm Acrylic sheet
Entrance Slot 25 mm wide
Dimensions Trap excluding light - height: 30cm, Overall width: 33cm, Overall Length: 33cm.  Overall height including light fitting: 52cm.
Bulb 240V 25W  Black Light Blue Actinic ES fitting.
Light Enclosure Aluminium and Glass with Rubber Seals 26cm high x 13cm diameter.
Cable 10 metres
Plug UK 13A plug fused at 3A with integrated RCD protection.
Weight Total 5.8 kg (Box 3.2 kg; Electrics 1.5 kg)

For more information and details of the moth trap please download the USER GUIDE

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