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Eco Moth Trap - Without Light

  • Easy to assemble 'skinner type' moth trap.
  • Panels pack flat for transit.
  • Precision cut panels recycled plastic
  • Innovative slot together design which is easy to assemble/disassemble without tools for transporting and storage.
  • Includes light board for you to fit your own choice of light.

£70.00 excl. VAT £84.00 inc. VAT

  • Eco Moth Trap - Without Light
  • Eco Moth Trap - Without Light
  • Eco Moth Trap - Without Light
  • Eco Moth Trap - Without Light
  • Eco Moth Trap - Without Light

This is a complete 'skinner type' moth trap supplied without a lighting system so that you can choose and fit the type of light you prefer. The trap includes a detachable light board designed to take any one of a wide range of lighting systems.  Most lighting options will simply screw to the light board making fixing easy.

In designing the moth trap we’ve taken an innovative approach to the tried and tested Skinner trap design. The panels which make up the box slot together without tools, utilising our unique tab and slot design. The panels are precision cut from 6mm recycled plastic board and when put together create a robust and rigid box. The flat-pack moth trap can be quickly assembled and disassembled, making it easy to transport and store. Once the box is assembled, 2 clear plastic panels slide into the box to form a moth "funnel", and can be removed while the trap is operating if you want to check your catch.

The Eco Moth Trap - Without Light comes in two versions, with or without the Rain Guard.  The Rain Guard is a clear plastic disc supported above the light to provide  some protection for the bulb from both the weather and people. It is held on metal stays above the light board. 

Product Moth Trap - Without Light
Panels 6mm Post Consumer Waste LDPE Recycled Plastic & 3mm Acrylic sheet
Entrance Slot 25 mm wide
Dimensions Assembled moth trap - Height: 30cm, Width: 33cm, Length: 33cm
Weight 3.2 kg

For more information and details of the moth trap please download the USER GUIDE

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