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BTO Raffle drawn

Posted: Mar 31 2017

The British Trust for Ornithology have announced the winners of their annual raffle, which raised nearly £31,000 for their research.  The draw took place in March, and the first prize of £1,000 in cash went to a Mr McDonald of Inverness.

BTO Raffle Prize donated by Nestbox CompanyWe are particularly interested in the second prize which was donated by the Nestbox Company.  This great prize was worth over £500, and consisted of a selection of established and newly launched products including:

An Eco Barn Owl Nest Box

A  Mixed Pack of 10 Bird & Bat Box Kits

An Eco Dipper - Wagtail Nest Box

A modular Sparrow Terrace Nest Box

Our new innovative Interior Barn Owl Nest Box

Moth Trap complete with special light to attract moths

The prize was won by "a Garden BirdWatcher" in the West Midlands, and after she received the boxes, she told us "they are a truly wonderful selection .......... It's a fantastic prize, I still don't quite believe how lucky I have been".

We are delighted with this response, and that we have been able to provide some pleasure to the winner, some help to the birds and to support the BTO in this important part of their fund raising.

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