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House Sparrow Nest Box

  • Help the declining sparrow population by putting up one of these bird boxes designed especially for house sparrows.
  • Fixed roof to enable the bird box to be fitted right up in the eaves just where the sparrows prefer.
  • We manufacture these bird boxes from precision cut FSC certified wooden panels treated with water based environmentally friendly preservative..
  • The bird nesting boxes can be joined together or added to our Sparrow Terrace to provide nest sites for a growing colony.

£17.85 excl. VAT £21.42 inc. VAT

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In the last few decades the population of house sparrows has declined dramatically. Our sparrow box has been designed to provide much-needed nesting places for our endangered House Sparrows. House sparrows nest colonially so several of these bird nesting boxes are best put up together.

Our unique design means that our House Sparrow Boxes can be joined together in a variety of shapes and the individual house sparrow box can be easily added onto our Sparrow Terrace if your colony has expanded and you wish to provide additional space.

The box is the ideal size and dimensions for house sparrows with a 32mm entrance hole. It features a fixed roof which enables the box to be fitted right up at the eaves just where the sparrows prefer. The box is easy to fit with a concealed keyhole at the back of the box (easy to reach with a screwdriver through the hole). Each box has slide out floor with drainage holes to enable easy cleaning at the end of the nesting season.

The box is constructed from precision cut FSC certified exterior grade plywood and has been treated with an environmentally friendly preservative which is kind to the birds but helps to ensure a long lasting dry comfortable nest box.

Product House Sparrow Nest Box
Material FSC Certified Exterior Grade Plywood
Construction Panels stapled together with surface sunk staples. Slide out floor.
Finish Non-toxic water based stain and preservative
Dimensions Overall height: 24cm, Overall width: 13cm, Overall Depth: 17cm
Weight 0.8kg
Fixing 1 keyhole in back
House Sparrow Nest Box

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